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flank steak


A flank steak is a single muscle (rectus abdominis) cut of beef that comes from the flank region.

This cut is sometimes referred to as a London Broil because it was the original cut used in a London Broil recipe. Today many other cuts are also used to make the London Broil including Top Sirloin Steak Boneless, Top Round Steak, or Shoulder Steak Boneless. The flank steak is also known as a jiffy steak because of the short time it can take to cook, and a flank steak fillet (although no true flank steak has a bone.) Trimmed flank muscle is sometimes referred to as Steak Tails.

Flank steak easily absorbs flavors, and it works with lots of different flavors, so it is often marinated. This is the case with the traditional London Broil, but a flank steak takes well to lots of marinades and does well without marinating. If you don’t marinate the flank steal consider using a rub, anything from a curry to Asian flavors,  to taco seasoning, to you favorite barbeque rub, to just salt and pepper.

Flank steak is a less expensive cut, and it can be tough if it is not prepared correctly. But it has a lot of flavor and can be excellent by following a few tips.

Don’t grill it long. Anything long enough to bring it above medium rare will make it very tough. So if you insist on eating meat more than medium rare and you want to grill or broil, this cut is not for you

Cook this cut for a long time if you want to braise it. A long braise will make this cut tender again.

Rest the steak after it is cooked for at least 5 minutes so that the fibers can relax.

Cut this steak across the grain. This is very important for making it more tender.


Flank Steak Cooking Method

Grill Steak Over direct heat 4 min per side - not past medium rare - Rest 5 minutes.
Grill Roulade

15 minutes (watch the temperature – try not to let it go above 145 F.) Rest 5 minutes

Skewer on Grill

1 – 2 min per side (frozen, cut across grain, threaded onto soaked skewers dressed with oil and vinegar and grilled)

Fry high heat - 4 – 5  turn 3 – 5 minutes Rest 5 minutes

3 inches from high heat 5 minutes turn 4 minutes

Stir Fry - Saute

heat wok or skillet over high heat - add bite size pieces or thin strips of flank steak (don’t crowd the pan, if necessary do in batches) – cook until browned, about 3 minutes – remove meat. Cook other ingredients. When done add flank steak back to wok and cook all ingredients together for another minute.

Flavors That Go

Flank Steak Flavors that Go

all-purpose flour
bay leaves
black olives
chopped fresh basil
chopped fresh parsley
chopped fresh rosemary
chopped fresh thyme
Dijon mustard
dried oregano
dry white wine
extra-virgin olive oil
fresh lemon juice
grated lemon peel
ground cumin
hard-boiled eggs
Lemon juice
olive oil
red bell peppers
red onion
red wine vinegar
vegetable oil
yellow onion

Flank Steak Recipes

London Broil
Steak and Eggs
Chopped and added to salad
Stir Fry
Simply rubbed with salt pepper and garlic, grilled and served with a sauce such as Bearnaise, Bordelaise, or Chimichurri sauce.





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