Rice Krispie Process Pumpkins


These Rice Krispie Treat pumpkins are ADORABLE! But I need to say you lot correct out of the gate – if you lot brand them, your hands are going to instruct messy. Very messy. Before I figured out how to curl them properly I had gooey Rice Krispie process mixture all over everything. Just moving-picture exhibit me standing at the counter, trying to curl a ball, except instead of it turning into a ball, it got stuck on my palms in addition to inward betwixt all of my fingers. Grrrr! I abhor when that happens!

  • ¼ loving cup butter
  • 1 purse large marshmallows (approximately forty marshmallows)
  • 6 cups Rice Krispies
  • Red & Yellow Liquid Food Coloring
  • Mini Rolos..
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